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Easy-Laser AB

distribucija laserskih uređaja za centriranje

Easy-Laser® is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of laser measurement systems for industry with a high requirement for accuracy and operational reliability. Together with our distributors, we supply users in more than 70 countries with solutions for all types of measurement and alignment needs: Shaft alignment, sheave/pulley alignment and geometrical measurements of virtually every kind.
Easy-Laser AB

BIA Fluiten d.o.o.

distribucija mehaničkih brtvenica i dijelova Fluiten Italia

FLUITEN has been manufacturing MECHANICAL SEALS and carrying out industrial projects since 1962. We are engaged in Chemical, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Food & drink, Energy, Paper, Naval sectors. Our production ranges from a 20 mm diameter water seal to the seal fitted at the bottom of a reactor column working at 350 °C. We are always quick to adopt the latest technologies and are continuously researching for new developments and new materials. The results of these researches are evident in our products, accurately addressing every detail, matching our customers' requirements and urgency.
Fluiten Italia

Autogard limited

distribucija mehaničkih spojki

Established in London, UK in the 1930’s, GIB Precision as it was originally known, is justifiably proud of its roots. Evolving aspirations and goals saw the company change name to Autogard, and move from manufacturing aircraft componentry through to advanced torque limiters, power transmission couplings, electronic power monitors and torque sensors. Maintaining the quality for which Autogard have become renowned, we continually strive to meet the growing demands of the ever-changing market for engineered power transmission product.

Metering & Technology SAS

zastupstvo i distribucija mjerača protoka

Founded early 2007 south west of Paris by very enthusiastic members, all of them benefiting from long and fruitful experience in fiscal metering business with advanced technologies, Metering & Technology is now in position to provide the market with high end flow meters dedicated to liquid Hydrocarbon fiscal measurement. M&T has developed a liquid flow meter range that covers pipeline measurement, terminal loading and unloading facilities, offshore allocation metering & many others . Our flow meters are available from 3" up to more than 24" upon technology type with flow ranges from 15 to more than 4000 m3/hr.
Metering & Technology SAS
Autogard Damalini MnT Fluiten

O nama

Tvrtka Tera trgovina d.o.o. osnovana je 2003. godine u Zagrebu. Naša osnovna djelatnost je zastupanje i posredovanje, te veleprodaja industrijskih proizvoda, opreme i rezervnih dijelova na domaćem i inozemnom tržištu. Proizvodni program usmjeren je na procesnu industriju. Znanje, iskustvo i pouzdanost temeljne su vrijednosti na kojima se naša tvrtka zasniva. Kvalitetu prodajnog programa osiguravamo suradnjom s poznatim inozemnim tvrtkama. Zadovoljstvo naših kupaca prioritet je u poslovanju.

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Stalno ulaganje u edukaciju ljudi, znanje i iskustvo te suradnja s poznatim svjetskim firmama osigurala je zadovoljstvo naših kupaca. Naši dobavljači su:

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